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Covid 19

Naiminath Homeopathic Hospital. A Beacon of Hope During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During the COVID-19 crisis, Naiminath Homeopathic Hospital in Agra became a beacon of compassion. As a 100-bedded COVID care center, it offered affordable treatment to over 12,000 patients, prioritizing holistic healing. Unlike many, it embraced homeopathic medicine, tailoring treatments to alleviate symptoms and promote recovery. Despite challenges, the hospital's dedication remained unwavering, restoring hope in the community. It serves as a reminder that healing and
compassion know no bounds.

"Revolutionizing Black Fungus Treatment: Naiminath Homeopathic Hospital's Non-Surgical Approach"

Amidst the surge in black fungus cases post-COVID-19, Naiminath Homeopathic Hospital in Agra led with a non-surgical treatment approach, providing hope to patients like Himanshu from Bulandshahr. Himanshu's recovery journey from despair in Delhi hospitals to healing at Naiminath highlighted the hospital's pioneering efforts.