Naiminath Homeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Agra


As per AYUSH Guidelines, the candidates must sit and qualify the NEET examination for BHMS and For P.Gin Homoeopathy candidates must sit and qualify the AIPGET examination.

Upcoming Seminars

Date: 3rd April - 10th April 2022
Venue: Naiminath Homoeopathic Hospital
Topic: Practical Training and Teaching Program for Homoeopathic Physicians/ Students

Our Hospital

Naiminath Homoeopathic is the pioneer in the field of Homoeopathy in the world. N.H.M.C is india's Top & first N.A.B.H Accredited Homoeopathic Hospital . The Hospital offers treatment for every ailment and is affordable.


Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College

Established Since 2008

Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital and Research Centre is the leading global Homoeopathic institution based out of Agra, Uttar Pradesh (UP), India. It is the Top BHMS college in India & UP as well that is also first NABH Accredited. The city of the TAJ MAHAL, Agra also has its strong roots in controlling university of U.P for Homoeopathic Education but the city was lacking an educational institute of Homoeopathy. This old age demand has now been fulfilled by Shri Bhagwan Mahavir (Jain Minority) Educational Society by establishing Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre.




BHMS: Duration – 4.5 years

Level – Graduate

The BHMS programme at Naiminath aims at imparting quality education and training to students to help them in contributing to the growth of the health and medicine sector.


MD Homeopathy - 3 years

Level – Post Graduate

MD in Homeopathy is a 3 year post graduate course. The objective of this programme is to prepare candidates to efficiently diagnose and treat medical.


Internship Program: NHMC

Internship Program

The objective of this internship is to enhance the clinical skills of students by posting these students in the Hospital OPD and IPD. Eligibility Criteria

Our Advisor

Pradeep Kumar Sir

Dr Pradeep Kumar

Chief Consultant

Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College is one of the pioneer Homoeopathic Institutes in the world. The college has the best teaching Homoeopathic Hospital including Indoor Patient Department where numerous cases are being admitted which results in giving exposure to the students.

DC Bansal Sir

DC Bansal


I have visited many colleges and hospitals in the country and tried to understand their way of working. In this connection I critically analysed the functioning of Naiminath. It was very pleasing to observe and note that the classical methods of treatment are being followed here. This is quite in opposition to what I have found in other places.

Deepesh Gupta Sir

Deepesh Gupta

MBA - Healthcare

The pedagogy in Naiminath is designed in a way that the students stand out from the crowd once they graduate. The students go through soft skills training which is now a very essential part in healthcare delivery. Knowledge and importance of Quality and Accreditation is also imparted to the students which help in broadening their skill. 

Vaishnavi sawant

Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College’s rigorous curriculum instilled a profound understanding of homeopathy. The supportive staff guided us through intricate concepts, while the extensive library enriched our research capabilities. Immersive clinical training solidified our expertise. A rewarding choice for aspiring homeopaths.

Vaishnavi sawant

Poonam Arora

Going to Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College felt like entering a world of natural solutions. Dr. Pradeep Gupta, our leader, was super helpful in teaching us. We learned about special remedies and how they can enhance well-being. Our teachers were awesome, and we got to practice with real patients. It was an amazing experience!

Poonam Arora

Komal Gupta

NHMC holistic approach to education left an indelible mark. The dynamic learning environment, aided by an experienced faculty, propelled our understanding of classical homeopathy. Substantial clinical rotations offered hands-on experience, culminating in a well-rounded education for a fulfilling career.

Komal Gupta

Shivani Chawla

Choosing Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, led by the visionary Dr. Pradeep Gupta, was transformative. His dedication to enriching education, coupled with a comprehensive curriculum, refined our skills. Regular seminars and workshops, orchestrated by Dr. Gupta, expanded our horizons. Immersed in real-world cases, we graduated with confidence and proficiency.

Shivani Chawla

Jyotsana Bhardwaj

Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College has provided for me a great platform
for learning Homoeopathy in the best and true way. The curriculum, pedagogy
and Hospital duty has given me so much exposure to a vast number of cases
being treated by single medicines following the law of Mono, mini and simili.

Jyotsana Bhardwaj

Tasleem Abbas

I am thankful and blessed that I am a student of NHMC. I am under the
guidance of great mentors who have taught us each and everything like
punctuality, discipline, etiquettes and many more things. Being a Naiminathian
and Dr Pradeep Sir’s student has made me clear that our work is to serve the
suffering humanity. Studying in this college has given me confidence and a
unique outlook which will surely help me in the future.

Tasleem Abbas

Payal Sachan

My time at Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College has given me countless
opportunities to develop clinical and analytical skills. I have seen a wide variety
of cases in the college OPD which has given me an insight to give a right
prescription. Dr Pradeep Gupta Sir and other teachers have guided and
influenced us to follow the ‘Classical way of Homoeopathy.’ I am blessed to be
a part of such institution.

Payal Sachan

Best BHMS College | Admissions in BHMS

Naiminath College is indeed the best college for BHMS in India and Top BHMS College in UP As well. It offers not only study in homeopathy but rather a practical approach with OPD/Ayurveda/ research labs etc. that helps students become a better doctor with advanced knowledge and research! Further details are provided in Academics sections and Apply now section. You can also take a look at our gallery and events to have an idea of our facilities. Here are the brief details about Naiminath College.

“Naiminath Homeopathy College” proudly stands as the epitome of excellence in the realm of homeopathic education, firmly securing its position as the Top BHMS College in India.” Renowned for its unwavering dedication to providing a comprehensive and profound understanding of homeopathic medicine, the college has consistently produced adept and compassionate homeopathic practitioners.

Naiminath College, a distinguished private College for BHMS situated in Uttar Pradesh, proudly claims its position as the finest and most sought-after homeopathic college in India. As a beacon of excellence among private BHMS colleges in Uttar Pradesh, Naiminath Homeopathy College combines traditional wisdom with modern teaching methodologies, providing students with a comprehensive and unparalleled education in homeopathic medicine.

A non Government NCH Approved College, Its commitment to fostering skilled and compassionate practitioners sets it apart as the best BHMS college in UP, India. With a rigorous curriculum, accomplished faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities, Naiminath Homeopathy College stands as a testament to the power of private education in shaping the future of holistic healthcare.

Naiminath College is amongst the Top BHMS Colleges in UP that aims at quality education via practical approach thus enabling an in-depth education of disease and diagnosis.  

Private BHMS College in Agra, UP

Naiminath Homeopathy Medical College, Agra, stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of homeopathic education. Nestled in the historic city of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, this private BHMS college is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of homeopathic healers. With a rich legacy of imparting quality education, Naiminath College is known for its exceptional faculty who bring a wealth of knowledge and clinical expertise to the classroom. The institution places a strong emphasis on practical training and clinical exposure, ensuring that students graduate with not only a deep understanding of homeopathic principles but also with the hands-on skills necessary for successful practice.

What sets Naiminath Homeopathy Medical College apart is its state-of-the-art infrastructure and fully-equipped hospital. The college campus boasts modern classrooms, a comprehensive library, and advanced laboratories, providing students with an environment conducive to holistic learning. The affiliated hospital complements this academic prowess with cutting-edge medical facilities, enabling students to witness and engage in the application of homeopathic treatments in real-world settings. With a commitment to advancing research in homeopathy and a supportive community of faculty and alumni, Naiminath Homeopathy Medical College, Agra, is at the forefront of shaping the future of homeopathic medicine.

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Shriya Sharma
Shriya Sharma
Bohot hi bekar college hai ye. If someone is taking admission here then think very carefully about the admission , about the admission maine iss liye bola kyunki yhn pr neet unqualified or without neet vale bacchon ka bhi admission lete hai ye log or at last ye log exam ni dilate or bacchon ka puraa saal khrb hota hai or paison ki barbadi hoti hai paise refund bhi ni hote and also here at the time of admission they talk very politely to the students or there parents but after admission students toh bhool hi jaye ki unse koi acche se bt krega tu, tera tereko iss tone main teachers bt krte hain or parents se bhi disrespectfully ye bt krte hai.Faculty-poor, hostel-poor, mess-poor, college-👎 , canteen -poor also no laundry, unhygienic college washroom,hostel rooms are clean on alternate days,doesn’t provide proper electricity, and at last fun part college inspection k time student ko hi patient bna dete hai🤣. Yahan pr support bhi unhi baccho ka kiya jata hai jinke family mai koi politician hota hai vo baccha chahe jitna glt kr le uske against koi step ni liya jata hai or jo bacche glt ni hote hai unko glt proof kiya jata hai. Students are forced to give review to there college.Didn’t like the college at all worst college. Also didn’t like the attitude of college director , owner or owner’s daughter. sorry not sorry . But that’s a truth.
Outstanding Hospital facility for Homoeopathic treatment.
Khushi 6 kumar
Khushi 6 kumar
Neminath medical college mein aane mein mere ko 100 percent achcha Laga aur dr Pradeep Gupta sir Kam karne ka Tarika bahut hi achcha hai Mera manana hai ki yahan per ek bar aana chahie logon Ko Fir uske bad samajh mein aata hai yahan kaisa ilaaj chal raha hai
Dharmendra Kumar Sharma
Dharmendra Kumar Sharma
Hello I am Dharmendra sharama from Gurgaon Haryana I was admited in Naimimath homoeopathic medical college hospital and research centre,Agra on date 29 july 2023 for the suffering of ankylosing spondylitis At the time of admission my condition was very bad from last 8year , I regularly take pain killers I admitted here for 15 days and i got 80% relief The staff and there hospitality is very appreciatable Dr. Pradeep Gupta sir has treated me so well that i feel much improvement in my condition Thanks to Dr Pradeep gupta sir Dr Ritu mam Special thanks to Intern Dr Gaurav Kasana Thanks for ur guidance and support. And all the hospital staff
S.S Chahar
S.S Chahar
Repertory Department is fully furnished and equipped with computer’s
amit mudgal
amit mudgal
Best bhms college
yatendra agarwal
yatendra agarwal
Best hospital and college
Vinod Singh
Vinod Singh
Bahut badhiya
Yogendra Kushwaha
Yogendra Kushwaha
Hospital is verry good and doctor’s behaviour is very helpful
4.5 out of 5 based on 137 user ratings
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